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Deep Love Factory born in 2011, of independent conception, and attentive to all labels, to create a unique and inimitable musical timbre, always looking for new experiments, trying to link electronic beats with the best instrumental and funky sounds, is based on the London atmosphere of Soho and Brick Lane.

We worked with:
Jeremy Underground
Prins Thomas (feat. Lattex Plus)
Palms Trax
Romano Alfieri
Phil Weeks
Young Marco (feat. Lattex Plus)
Francis Inferno Orchestra (feat. Lattex Plus)
Binh (feat. Lattex Plus)
Henry Wu (feat. Lattex Plus)
Interstellar Funk
Bradley Zero (feat. Lattex Plus)
Burro Studio Radio w/Riccardo Bhi & AcidGigi
Paquita Gordon (feat. Lattex Plus)
Dj Kaos
Molly (feat. Lattex Plus)
Fabrizio Mammarella
Adiel (Feat. Lattex Plus)
The Barking Dogs
Tropical Animals Showcase w/Ricardo Baez + Gaiden
Stump Valley (Feat. Lattex Plus)
Synthetic Mind & Soul Tapes (This is not)
Abstract (Feat. Lattex Plus)
Ksoul (Feat. Lattex Plus)
Dj Rocca
Okee Ru
LTJ Xperience
Dj Hendrix
Matteo Zarcone
Mirko Casalini and many more...

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